Technological Innovation Ecological Circle

  TusCity Group integrates government, enterprises, universities and other innovative resources, makes use of the “three-dimensional triple helix” theory, and relies on its more than 20 years of experience in operation of Tsinghua University Science Park to develop a full business chain covering industry research, planning and design, development a...

Ultra-Internet Intelligent Ecological Circle

    With the support of the advantages of the physical carrier for technological innovation space, TusCity Group carries out the construction of a big data platform across the country, lays out the construction and industrial applications of ultra-Internet infrastructure, focuses on blockchain technology, personal data center, etc., ...

Beautiful Cultural and Creative Ecological Circle

        TusCity Group focuses on building the sports industry oriented by ice & snow sports, the cultural industry oriented by media and film & television, the environmental protection industry oriented by ecological restoration and management, and the creative industry oriented by fashion technology, aimi...

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