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          Established in 2016, Beijing Tus-Legend Movie & Television Media Co., Ltd. (Tus-Movie for short) is affiliated to Tus-City Group. The establishment of Tus-Movie marks Tus-City Group’s official entry into the film and television industry, and Tus-Movie will provide a full range of film and television business services, including film and television investment, film and television production, film and television finance, publicity and distribution and cinema management, as well as pan-entertainment business services, including variety, drama, music, commercial advertising and artist agency.

        Tus-Movie has many industry elite and several subsidiaries, including Tus-Microdreams Media Co., Ltd. and Large Fish Culture Media Co., Ltd. Taking “Inspire your dream, create a legend” as the corporate vision, Tus-Movie puts forward the concept of “Service-oriented film and television institution”. In the future, the company will continue to extend the development of high-quality film and television projects, expand the industrial layout, and strive to become a leading institution in the industry.

         Tus-Qiaobo is a company comprehensively serving the ice & snow industry chain. After more than 10 years of development, it has gained a deep insight into ice & snow sports venues and the development characteristics and current status of China’s ice & snow sports industry. The company focuses on the standardized management of ice & snow sports venues and training of professional and technical personnel. Adhering to the concept of “Providing a new healthy, stylish, trendy ice & snow culture and sports entertainment platform for consumers”, the company applies sharing economy and the Internet, practices the sports+ business model, integrates channels at the low level, operates services at the intermediate level, constructs exits at the high level, and makes great efforts to build a closed loop in the industry.

         Through hard work and integration of domestic and international high-quality resources, Tus-Qiaobo continues to establish and improve industry standard systems, forms an efficient and standardized management and operation model, and provides one-stop “housekeeper” services in the ice & snow industry, involving investment consulting, planning and design, development and construction, personnel training, management and operation and event planning services for indoor and outdoor ice & snow sports + venues, ski schools, urban ice & snow sports complex, ice & snow towns and other projects. On the basis of the chain operation of Beijing Qiaobo (2005), Shaoxing Qiaobo (2009) and Anhui Qiaobo (2017), the company plans to invest in, construct and operate more than 10 ice & snow theme complexes in the coming three years, so that the people throughout the country, especially in the southern cities can enjoy its professional, high-quality services and experience the ice & snow passion and the winter Olympic sports conveniently. Meanwhile, the company will promote and respond to General Secretary Xi Jinping’s call of “300 million people participating in the winter sports”, and contribute to the robust development of the Chinese ice & snow sports industry.


Overview of Tus-Qiaobo Products


1. One core

Take ice & snow sports as the core, develop other sports tourism and ancillary products, and build a complete sports industry chain.


2. Two goals

One-stop ice & snow tourist destination; integrated ice & snow sports demonstration area


3. Four major products

 Dedicated ski venue;

 Dedicated skating venue;

 Urban core area, multi-format urban complex themed by ice & snow sports venues;

 Multi-format ice & snow towns around cities integrating sports, fitness, entertainment, leisure, shopping and catering into one.


Three Major Project Themes Tus-Qiaobo:

—— Youth without limit

An ice & snow extreme sports experience destination that integrates four-season ski halls, ice hockey hall, extreme sports center, ski shop and snowboard theme apartment into one.

—— Land, sea and air for children

A tourist destination for children that integrates ice & snow dream paradise, children entertainment and adventure center, children theme hotel, vertical wind tunnel and polar sea world into one.

——Creativity without borders

A creative and entrepreneurial industry cluster that integrates virtual reality, creative ice & snow street, sports creative park and food, shopping and health center into one.


Introduction of Ski Venues


Beijing Qiaobo Ski Hall

Beijing Qiaobo Ice & Snow World is a four-season skiing sports venue in the north region. With a building area of nearly 40,000 m2, the ski hall can receive 3,000 visitors per day, and its scope of business covers snowboarding, double-plate skiing, snow playing and many other ice & snow entertainment activities.


Shaoxing Qiaobo Ice & Snow World

Shaoxing Qiaobo Ice & Snow World is adjacent to the national AAAA-level scenic spot “Jianhu Lake - Keyan Scenic Area”. With a building area of nearly 30,000 m2, the ski hall can receive 200,000 visitors per year, and is provided with snow playing park for children, primary ski slopes, intermediary and high-level slopes and other facilities.


Ma’anshan Qiaobo Ice & Snow World

Anhui Zhengpu Port Qiaobo Ice & Snow World is located in Zhengpu Port New District, covering a population of more than twenty million in Anhui and Jiangsu. With a building area of nearly 25,000 m2, the ski hall can receive 900,000 visitors per year, and is provided with ice hockey, wind tunnel, extreme sports park and other facilities.



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