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        In reliance on 21Vianet Group’s Internet infrastructure services, it explores and builds a new generation of Internet infrastructure with greater openness and innovative vitality. To explore cyberspace infrastructure assets and disruptive innovation of Internet finance, it actively strengthens blockchain technology and standard research, builds a new generation of basic protocol of cyberspace, and promotes open source technology. In cooperation with the local government, top scholars in the industry and universities, 21Vianet carries out blockchain development, establishes blockchain ecosystem, outputs blockchain technology and personnel, operates the blockchain platform, and develops the blockchain economy, aiming to achieve a higher level of interconnection through blockchain protocols and the ecosystem.


Blockchain, from the information Internet to the value Internet;

Blockchain is a war of identity, and reconstruction of identity means reconstruction of the entire industry;

Blockchain means that public infrastructure begins to go towards marginalization from centralization, and becomes infrastructure unique to everyone.


Personal Data Center (PDC)

A new round of large-scale data center industrialization is coming, and “cyborgs” are not far away. The future cyberspace infrastructure is facing reconstruction.


        In the future, everyone will have their own personal data center (PDC), in which data processing is carried out to form results required by individuals. In addition, personal data will be linked to other applications and services and shared with family members, friends and colleagues.