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         TusPark is at the core of the innovation and entrepreneurship service system of TusCity Group. TusPark cluster has the largest science park network in the world, and has innovatively developed the operation system of “Internet + science park” in China. It integrates government, industry, universities, research institutes, financial institutions, intermediaries, trade and media into a whole, and has made great contribution to regional industrial transformation and upgrading and elevation of innovation ability.

  • Beijing Tsinghua Science Park

           As a famous seat of learning in China and Asia, Tsinghua University is an important base for training of high...
  • TUS-Cao He Jing Science Park

             TUS-Cao He Jing Science Park is a high-tech park jointly invested in and built by TusHoldings, Lingan...
  • TusPark (Chongqing High-tech Zone)

            Based on the strategic cooperation framework agreement concluded by TusHoldings and the government of Jiulongpo ...
  • TusPark (Shaanxi)

            TusPark (Shaanxi) is the first radiating park of TusPark in West China, and is an integral part of the scie...
  • TusPark (Shenzhen Nanling)

            Located in Nanling Village, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, TusPark (Shenzhen Nanling) is a new type of...
  • TusPark Guangzhou Zhonghai

              TusPark Guangzhou Zhonghai is a comprehensive marine technology innovation park jointly built b...