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        TusCity is one of the core product series of TusCity Group. TusCity cluster is a model of integrated development of new types urbanization and scientific and technological innovation in China. With the concept of linkage of “park, university and community”, it optimizes regional innovation space system and strengthens integration of multiple functions. It is devoted to building new science cities that have close interaction with enterprises, colleges and research institutes and that are suitable for both residences and businesses, aiming to promote elevation of innovation energy and the value of cities.

  • TusCity (Zhaoqing)

            On August 22, 2015, to meet national development requirements and expand its environmental protection indus...
  • TusCity (Fuzhou)

            TusCity (Fuzhou) is developed, constructed, operated and managed by Fuzhou Tus Industry Development Co., Lt...
  • TusCity (Liuzhou)

        TusCity (Liuzhou) is a key project under a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement between TusHoldings and the People’s g...
  • TusCity (Hefei)

       TusCity (Hefei) is located next to Nanyan Lake in the national economic development area of Hefei, with total area of 1,100mu o...
  • TusCity (Nanning)

         TusCity (Nanning) is located at the core riverside plot of Wuxiang New Area, Nanning, on the south/north of Longhua Road in W...
  • TusCity (Zhengzhou)

         TusCity (Zhengzhou), located in the core belt of Jinshui Science and Education Park, Zhengzhou, is an important carrying area...