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        Tus maker spaces are an incubation service system with the earliest start and largest scale in China. A series of famous incubation brands have been formed, including Tusparkle, TusKspace, TusStar and TusPark Global Network (TGN). It has accumulatively incubated and served more than 5,000 enterprises, and completed incubation of more than 2,000 enterprises, among which 30 enterprises have been listed and more than 40 have been merged and acquired, leading to total equity investment return of nearly RMB 20 billion.  

        Tusparkle is a brand of business accelerator in vertical field established by TusCity Group for global outstanding entrepreneurship talents. Guided by industrial positioning of science parks on the part of TusCity Group, it builds and improves characteristic vertical acceleration chains consisting of “nursery - incubation - acceleration - park”.

        TusKspace is positioned to be the “starting place of quality entrepreneurship”. Together with TusCity Group, it will build an innovation and entrepreneurship service ecosystem covering all groups in society, and supply “seedlings” for science cities and science parks.

        TusStar is one of the first batch of national incubators recognized by Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and an organization that took the lead in setting the development mode of “incubation + investment” and development orientation of professional incubator in China. It has built more than 70 incubation bases across the country.

        TusPark Global Network (TGN) is a cross-border service company under the brand of Tus, aiming to help startup companies to expand their markets. It has built an open investment and financing resource sharing and service platform that connects the Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Asia and even the world, and has become an important bridge and tie between Tus and global innovation and entrepreneurship markets.

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