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TusCity (Zhengzhou)
  • 启迪科技城(郑州)效果图

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Project introduction

     TusCity (Zhengzhou), located in the core belt of Jinshui Science and Education Park, Zhengzhou, is an important carrying area for the high-tech industries of Zhengzhou in future, a center of scientific and technological finance, and a new economic growth engine. This project is also an important platform and carrier for implementation of the Framework Agreement on Scientific and Technological Cooperation signed between Tsinghua University and the municipal government of Zhengzhou. It aims to promote the transfer of the excellent research findings of Tsinghua University to the central plain area, to accelerate the incubation of scientific and technological enterprises, and to cultivate innovation and entrepreneurship talents.

     Based on the more than 20 years of development experience of TusPark, TusCity (Zhengzhou) proposed the plan to build a new generation science city complex in Zhengzhou. It integrates the functions of park, community and university, and builds on an innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem that has rich atmosphere of science and technology, ecology, culture and entrepreneurship. This project has a planned coverage of 292mu, planned total building area of 650,000m2 or so, and total investment of RMB 4 billion or so. It combines such functions as enterprise R&D, project incubation, headquarters office, entrepreneurship investment and scientific and technological service, and is a Class A key project of Henan Province enjoying scientific and technological innovation related policy supports from the provincial government, municipal government and district-level government.  

     TusCity (Zhengzhou) will build various functional carriers such as incubator, accelerator, headquarters base, combined office area, center of scientific and technological finance, youth entrepreneurship workshop, and maker space, aiming to meet the needs of various enterprises or projects. Relying on the rich research resources of Tsinghua University and the global innovation network resources of TusHoldings, it will construct a series of platforms such as a project incubation platform, technology transfer platform, product development platform, scientific and technological finance platform and talent service platform, develop with special priority such industries as energy saving and environmental protection, intelligent manufacturing, new generation information technology, digital economy and smart city, cultural creativity, education and training, actively develop scientific and technological finance centered scientific and technological service industry. It will also work to promote deep integration of technology, talent, project and capital. At the same time, it will build, based on the dominant industries, industrially leading enterprise R&D center and industrial innovation research platform, promote the construction of a batch of professional incubators and accelerators, help local high-tech enterprises to grow and help entrepreneurship projects to be incubated, foster a batch of strategic emerging industrial clusters, and form a new driving force for regional economic growth.

     As an important carrier of Tsinghua University for research finding commercialization, startup enterprise incubation and innovative talent cultivation in Zhengzhou and Henan Province in general, Tus Zhengzhou will bring into full play the advantages of TusHoldings in science park development, innovation and entrepreneurship environment fostering, and building of scientific and technological finance system, and build TusCity (Zhengzhou) into a leader and model of the science park industry in the central plain area.

Contact information

Contact information

Address: Yangjin Road, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou, Henan Province