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TusCity (Nanning)
  • 启迪东盟科技城(南宁)鸟瞰图

  • 启迪东盟科技城(南宁)办公庭院内景

  • 启迪东盟科技城(南宁)夜景

  • 启迪东盟科技城(南宁)开工仪式

Project introduction

     TusCity (Nanning) is located at the core riverside plot of Wuxiang New Area, Nanning, on the south/north of Longhua Road in Wuxiang New Area, and close to the Yongjiang River.

     Wuxiang New Area, a core planned area of the development strategy of constructing west side of Yongjiang River, expanding to the east side, improving the north side and developing the south side with special priority of Nanning,. It is an important platform and forward position of Nanning for its integration into opening-up and development of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone and building of   an international city facing ASEAN. Following the lead of the national Belt and Road strategy and the West China Development strategy, TusHoldings firmly grasped this development opportunity and actively developed its operations in Guangxi. After it signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with the government of Guangxi in August 2016, it quickly established TusCity (Nanning) and accelerated construction.

     TusCity (Nanning) was formally established in Wuxiang New Area, Nanning in November 2016, and its foundation laying ceremony was successfully held on March 28, 2017. With total coverage of 278mu, total investment of RMB 4.5 billion or so, and total building area of 645,000m2, this project is a new space and scientific and technological ecology that takes science park as its core, and comprises Tus technology exhibition center, high-rise office building, low-density office villa, LOFT apartment, leisure commercial block, multi-story house, high-rise smart residence, Tus international bilingual kindergarten, and other facilities. It also links park, university and community, and integrates enterprise, college and research institutes. In future, it will form an internationalized, modern and intelligent innovation space with both industrial and living functions, and add a point of attraction for Nanning.

         By means of good combination with city functions, and so as to finally realize integration of industry and city”, TusCity (Nanning) forms a spatial layout characterized by integrated industries, diversified services, complete supporting facilities, convenient traffic, and balanced work area and residential area. It uses the advanced management and operation concept of TusPark and the theory of clustering innovation, relies on the innovation service system built based on incubators, catalyzes development of high-tech startup enterprises, and provide continual supports for industrial import. It gives prominence to the use of high technologies, network based innovation and intelligent management, implants Tsinghua chip to Nanning city for its urban development and industrial transformation and upgrading, and creates a new model of cooperation between universities and local governments.

     Construction of TusCity (Nanning) is a milestone in the commencement the gathering of the advantageous scientific and technological service industrial clusters of Tsinghua University and TusHoldings in Guangxi. By means of development and construction of science city, import of resources of scientific and technological industries, commercialization of research findings and supporting services for scientific and technological innovation, it will gather and develop scientific and technologies industries, help high-tech enterprises to grow bigger and stronger, help scientific and technological talents to grow quickly, truly realize the elite attraction effect, and lead scientific and technological innovation and industrial upgrading of Guangxi. TusCity (Nanning) will be a development model of standing on Guangxi and facing ASEAN, a chip for scientific and technological innovation of Nanning, an engine for urbanization and industrial upgrading of Guangxi, and a magnetic field for gathering of high-tech industries and enterprises in Guangxi and ASEAN.

Contact information

Contact information

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