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Tus Snow and Ice Innovation and Entrepreneurship Town (Tengchong)
  • 启迪双创冰雪小镇(腾冲)规划效果图

  • 启迪双创冰雪小镇(腾冲)项目奠基仪式

  • 2017年3月,云南启迪实业发展有限公司与腾冲市签订合作协议

Project introduction

         Tus Snow and Ice Innovation and Entrepreneurship Town (Tengchong) is a project jointly invested and developed by TusCity Yunnan Co., Ltd., Baoshan Tus Yongchang Investment Co., Ltd., and Tengchong Jian’an Urban and Rural Investment and Development Co., Ltd.. Located in Xishanba area, Tengchong, Yunnan Province, this project has a planned coverage of 5,000mu or so (planned construction land of 1,042mu or so, and the rest used for ancient village scenic spot, reservoir, woodland, and ecological agriculture) and total investment of RMB 5.1 billion or so. The project will be developed in two phases. The first phase project has a planned coverage of 1,040mu or so and total building area of 900,000m2 or so, and will include skiing center, cultural originality industrial park, regional headquarters base, academician work station, health care ecological park, maker space, exhibition center, talent apartment, and inn cluster.  

        By way of restorative reconstruction, Tus Snow and Ice Innovation and Entrepreneurship Town (Tengchong) will leverage tourism culture, increase tourist experience, keep the intangible cultural heritages, and make the best of the advantageous innovation and entrepreneurship resources of the founding enterprises. It will take innovation and entrepreneurship incubation as the core, take industrial introduction as the driving force, take innovation and entrepreneurship as the source of power, take e-commerce as the medium, take research finding commercialization as the soul, take the image of a hot spring town as support, take winter sports venues as the highlight, take hot spring vacation and health care as unique feature, take cultural and tourism development as the business approach, take forest and lake as the landscape background, and take “frontier Tengchong” as the cultural theme. With all of this as a foundation, it will combine its development with the development of Dongguan commercial and tourism ancient town, link the resources of all the scenic spots in Tengchong, and build a characteristic town that integrates production, education and research into a whole, that integrates cultural originality, tourism, vacation, meeting, health care and ecological residence into a whole, and that takes a leading position in Yunnan, maintains a top grade in China, and bring it to an international level.

        The construction and reconstruction of Tus Snow and Ice Innovation and Entrepreneurship Town (Tengchong) is combined with the 4A scenic spot building and building of characteristic innovation and entrepreneurship town. It has robust innovation and entrepreneurship industries, and also has integrated complex functions such as tourism, medical care and hot spring or high technology based health care, exploration experience, so that visitors and residents can comprehensively experience the convenience of cloud smart community and smart home brought by high technologies, enjoy characteristic shopping, imported merchandise purchasing, and 24-hour creative leisure, and enjoy one-stop regional tourism services.

        Benefits for society: Introducing winter sports industry, biotechnology, and digital technology to enrich the cultural life of local residents, spreading Winter Olympics related knowledge, giving publicity to winter sports, and creating good employment opportunities and environment. Making contribution to the national “Belt and Road” strategy. Building cloud smart city, ecological city and sponge city demonstration project by virtue of the technologies of TusHoldings.

       Benefits to publicity: Nationwide publicity of this project can greatly increase the famousness of the “No. 1 frontier city”. The application of diversified high-tech publicity means and the brand building of this project will become an important component of the urban culture of Tengchong. This project will enhance the acceptance of the diversified urban culture of Tengchong, and become a new highlight and highlight of the characteristic tourism of Tengchong.

Contact information

Contact information

Tengchong Yong’an TusCity Development Co., Ltd.

Address: 58 Zhengyi Subdistrict, Tengyue Town, Tengchong

Telephone: 0875-5190201