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TusPark Guangzhou Zhonghai
  • 广州启迪中海科技园鸟瞰图

  • 2016年5月19日,启迪中海科技园举行开园仪式

  • 启迪中海科技园启动成立广州首个海洋与智能科技技术创新联盟

Project introduction

          TusPark Guangzhou Zhonghai is a comprehensive marine technology innovation park jointly built by TusHoldings and China COSCO Shipping. Located at the site of the former Cheng’anwei Shipyard in COSCO Shipping City in Haizhu District, Guangzhou with a coverage of 64,300m2, it is run by Guangzhou Haishang Science Park Operation and Management Co., Ltd.

        After first phase reconstruction, the park will provide innovation and R&D office carrier of 43,000m2, including car seat type maker space, enterprise incubator of 30-50m2, office space of 150-300m2 for growth enterprise, 3,000m2 industrial exhibition space, 2,000m2 ship experience leisure space, 2,500m2 fitness club, 6,500m2 leisure and entertainment restaurant, and other commercial and living service facilities.

        The park consists of “two belts” and “three clusters”. The “two belts” include an ocean themed originality belt extended from river coastline and a ship experience leisure belt relying on a yacht body. The “three clusters” include an industrial supporting service cluster, a high-end R&D office cluster centered by marine industries, and a R&D incubation and innovation industry cluster. Taking modern elements such as “marine technology, green ecology, and coastal style” as the theme, this park integrates R&D office, entrepreneurship incubation, marine exhibition, and leisure and exchange into a whole. It uses a “four-in-one” incubation mode of “incubation service + innovation training + angel investment + open platform”, focuses on high-tech enterprises, e-commerce enterprises and startup and innovation enterprises primarily engaged in marine industries, provides services for enterprises throughout the whole life cycles from startup to listing and throughout all the industrial chains, and works to gather high-end innovation elements, high-tech enterprises and high-end talent.

          In future, the construction scale of the park will exceed 120,000m2, its total investment will reach RMB 1.5 billion, total number of settled enterprises and projects will exceed 200, and total output value of the settled enterprises will exceed RMB 20 billion. This will make it a marine technology innovation park with considerable influence in China and even the world.

          The park has successfully organized and held many events such as innovation contest, series salons of Xiaoya artificial intelligence club, Haizhi lecture and research finding/project requirement linkage meeting, China-Canada international project linkage and exchange meeting, and so on. At the same time, it has built, together with C2CAN China-Canada acceleration network, South China Innovation Center of China-Canada acceleration network, has established a “one-stop” sub-station of entrepreneurship and innovation scientific and technological information publicity and application service of China Association for Science and Technology, and has established the first marine and intelligent technology innovation alliance in Guangzhou. It was successfully filed as an incubator of Guangzhou City in May 2017. 

Contact information

Contact information

Guangzhou Haishang Science Park Operation and Management Co., Ltd.

Address: 10 Lijiao Zhenxing Street (former Cheng’anwei Shipyard), Haizhu District, Guangzhou

Telephone: 020-84108288