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TusPark (Shenzhen Nanling)
  • 启迪科技园(深圳南岭)

  • 园区多次举办各类培训、专题活动

  • 全国政协领导调研启迪科技园(深圳南岭)

Project introduction

        Located in Nanling Village, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, TusPark (Shenzhen Nanling) is a new type of park built by reconstructing and upgrading industrial plant. It was opened in December 2015.

        Nanling Village takes a model position among the village collective economies in Shenzhen and even the across country. The cooperation between Tus and Nanling Village is a new approach to reconstruction of old towns, old plants and old villages, and an experiment of light asset operation mode, assisting the village collective economies to transform from “lease oriented” to “investment oriented” and “management oriented”.

        With 7,200m2, this park includes three industrial buildings. Among them, Building A is used as R&D office and exhibition area of the high-tech enterprises; Building B is used as R&D office of the high-tech enterprises and supporting facility of the park; Building C is used as an incubator and an exhibition area of the park. There are also supporting facilities in the park such as a dining hall and conference center.

         The Park has intelligent manufacturing as the theme, and integrates R&D office, startup enterprise incubation, and meeting and exchange into a whole. There are 44 high-tech startup enterprises have settled here. It often organizes or undertakes various trainings and themed events, and has built a good service platform for enterprises and entrepreneurs, so that enterprises settled here can grow quickly.

          As a model of old plant reconstruction and industrial transformation in Shenzhen, the park has been visited and recognized by leaders of the national committee of the CPPCC, central committee of the communist youth league, and other organizations.

Contact information

Contact information

Address: 2 Jianmin Road, Nanwan Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen City

Telephone: 0755-28302554