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Honeywell Accelerator
  • 首期大咖圆桌会在京举行

  • 首期智能制造技术创业营开营仪式&霍尼韦尔加速器开幕式典礼

  • 创业营参观清华科技园-幸福科技实验室

  • 学员走进霍尼韦尔,深度了解霍尼韦尔的业务体系和产业经验

Project introduction

On May 24, 2016, TusHoldings and Honeywell jointly established a vertical accelerator focusing on intelligent manufacturing. This is a joint presentation of the global incubation network of TusHoldings together with its industrially leading partners. The project demonstrates on a centralized basis the entrepreneurship service capability of TusPark developed over the last 23 years. Using the mode of “entrepreneurship training + incubation service + open platform + angel investment”, and by virtue of its advantages as an industrial leader, it gathers professional resources, cultivates leading talent in scientific and technological entrepreneurship, accelerates the growth of scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship projects, and fosters world-class enterprises.

Fields of focus

• Big data processing technologies, such as batch data processing in various digital fields, real-time big data processing, big data forecasting and analysis, and deep learning;

• Cloud technologies, such as cloud computing technology, cloud storage technology, cloud infrastructure, and cloud information platform and network security;

• Application software development, such as development of APP and development of building/household/industrial applications;

• Networks communication technologies, such as 2.4G, Zigbee, and NB-IOT;

• Advanced sensing technologies, such as mobile sensing, smell sensing, air quality sensing, water quality sensing, position sensing, and pressure sensing;

• Air and water treatment technologies, such as air purification technology, and water purification technology;

• Image and video processing technologies, such as video compression, large-scale video storage, biological feature identification (such as face identification), invasion detection, and object tracking;

• Robot/machine vision technologies, such as automatic assembling in plant, and automated guided vehicle (AGV);

• Advanced materials, such as low-temperature environmental protection material, anti-fog material, anti-reflection coating, and light stab-resistance material;

• Advanced interaction technologies, such as AR/VR, visual identification, and audio identification.


Operation mode

Projects or enterprises selected for the entrepreneurship camp will be provided with a half-year entrepreneurship training, which will include “three guarantees and six types of services”.

Three guarantees: free physical space, highly value-added supporting facilities, and preferential policies.

Six types of services: multi-level financing services, innovative market services, and high-end human resource services.

In addition, Honeywell accelerator also provides:

1. Access to resources of Honeywell Lab and related technical guidance;

2. Opportunities to cooperate with or to be merged by Honeywell;

3. Linkage with upstream and downstream industrial chains of Honeywell;

4. Guidance on local and international market development;

5. Building intelligent ecological circles together with Honeywell;

6. Communication and interaction with business partners;

7. Publicity in national network of TusHoldings;

8. Free courses at Tus Business School;

9. Opportunities to cooperate with the industrial divisions of TusHoldings.

On March 28, 2017, the first intelligent manufacturing technology entrepreneurship camp was opened in TUS-Cao He Jing Science Park (Shanghai), and the intelligent manufacturing accelerator space of 1,500m2 was also opened. Together with Honeywell, Tus integrates resources of all parties involved, and provided entrepreneurship guidance for the 11 entrepreneurship teams from the field of intelligent manufacturing. The first entrepreneurship camp will last half a year, and the projects are from the intelligent manufacturing field and engaged in advanced sensing, robot, application software development, and chip design. The camp provided convenient scientific research environment and professional technical guidance for the project teams, and Tus Entrepreneurship Investment Fund has reached investment intention with many projects in this camp.  

Honeywell accelerator will leverage Honeywell’s advantages in scientific research and development and industrial chain resources as well as TusHoldings’ advantages in government relation, parks and services, become research finding commercialization base and investment project reserve base of Honeywell’s domestic and overseas resources, and become investment project reserve base and industrial cluster brand base of TusHoldings. Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to build intelligent ecological circles such as intelligent building, smart home and intelligent manufacturing together with Honeywell, and stand out in the transformation and development of the digital world.

Contact information

Contact information

Address: Floor 2-3, Building 12, 68 Zhongchuang Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai

Telephone: + 86 18621541556