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TusCity (Liuzhou)
  • 启迪科技城(柳州)效果图

  • 启迪科技城(柳州)效果图

  • 启迪科技城(柳州)效果图

Project introduction

    TusCity (Liuzhou) is a key project under a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement between TusHoldings and the Peoples government of Guangxi, developed by TusCity (Liuzhou) Investment Co., Ltd..

    TusCity (Liuzhou) is located in the south of Liujiang New, Liujiang District, Liuzhou, with a planned coverage of 625mu (about 250mu used for scientific research area, and about 375mu used for supporting service area). This project will be developed in three phases, and will have total investment of RMB 4.5 billion or so.

    TusCity (Liuzhou) consist of two parts, respectively main function area (science park area) and supporting function area (commercial and residential supporting areas). The primary function area primarily includes incubator, headquarters economy, innovative R&D, office, lab, pilot workshop, commercial supporting facilities (exhibition center, final service key, commercial information center, electronic trading center), science and technology museum, cultural square and sports square; supporting function area primarily includes commercial supporting facilities for the science city, and high-tech residence.

    TusCity (Liuzhou) integrates many functions in the field of innovative science and technology such as R&D, incubation, research finding commercialization, and comprehensive service. After completion of the project, there will be accommodation for more than 400 enterprises, and will become an important platform for promotion of the innovation in Liuzhou and even Guangxi Autonomous Region.

       The general plan design of the project and the construction planning of the first phase have been completed.

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