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Tus Health Town (Beihai Xianrenqiao)
  • 启迪大健康小镇(北海仙人桥)规划效果图

  • 启迪大健康小镇(北海仙人桥)规划效果图

  • 启迪大健康小镇(北海仙人桥)规划效果图

Project introduction

       Tus Health Town (Beihai Xianrenqiao) is one of the key projects for implementation of the comprehensive strategic agreement between TusHoldings, and a benchmark project with nationwide demonstration significance built by TusCity (Liuzhou) Investment Co., Ltd. based on local characteristics.

     This project is located in Zhakou Town, Hepu County, Beihai, near to Hepu-Zhanjiang Expressway, National Highway 325 and Dalian Mountain to the north, close to Zhakou Port (national commercial port recognized by the Ministry of Transport) and Longgang New (east bank of Tieshan Port) to the east, close to Tieshan Port to the south, and close to Tieshangang North Station of Hepu-Zhanjiang High-speed Railway and Yutie passenger and cargo transport station to the west. It has an advantageous geographical position and convenient transportation.

       With a total coverage of 11,000mu or so, this project takes the theme of “coast • culture • health”, takes natural forest landscape, folk customs and health as the main draws, and builds ecological industrial chains integrating “elderly care community, ecology, tourism, history, culture and modern agriculture”. It aims to develop a 5A scenic spot in Beihai, and add new driving force for the economic transformation and upgrading and innovative development of tourism of Beihai.

        According to the plan, this project will consist of four areas: a core commercial entertainment area, which will include industrial trading and processing base, Xianrenqiao ancient town of Ming Dynasty, large-scale playground, movie and TV base, folk commercial street, sightseeing and fishing port; an ecological tourism area, which will include jungle hiking and outward bound park, agricultural picking park, field hunting park, self-driving camp, lavender sightseeing park, wedding manor; an ecological health care area, which will include health care base, hospital, hot spring inn, elderly care community, school, geological park; a high-end leisure resort, which will include ecological golf course, natural oxygen bar, hotel, waterfront residence, and a beach.