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Beijing Tsinghua Science Park
  • 北京清华科技园

  • 核子重如牛,对撞新生态

  • 北京清华科技园全景

  • 科技大厦

  • 创新大厦

Project introduction

       As a famous seat of learning in China and Asia, Tsinghua University is an important base for training of high-level talents and scientific and technological research. The university has always insisted on promoting enterprise-university-research institute integration, and serves China’s innovation-driven development strategy. It has continuously explored the development paths of industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and made outstanding achievements in both economic and social benefits, fulfilling its sacred mission to serve the country and benefit the society.

         TusHoldings is one of the four core enterprise groups of Tsinghua University Industry. TusCity Group, as a wholly owned subsidiary of TusHoldings, shoulder the mission of development, construction, operation and management of incubators, science and technology parks, science and technology cities and other innovative space carriers with TusHoldings characteristics around the world, and is also an important platform of Tsinghua University to serve the society. In the development process, TusCity Group has obtained support from Tsinghua University in many aspects, and also made important contributions in innovation, entrepreneurship and social services.

Teaching Resources

        As an important base for scientific and technological research in China, Tsinghua University has 39 key disciplines, including new energy, new materials, environmental protection, electronic information and mechanical engineering. There are 355 scientific research institutions above the school level at the university, including 1 national laboratory, 13 national key laboratories, 11 national engineering laboratories, 7 national research centers and 7 China international science and technology cooperation bases. The university has always aimed at the forefront of international science and technology and major national needs, made a lot of significant scientific research achievements in key basic research, strategic high technology and economic development service, and transformed these achievements for application. TusCity Group has built an important platform to promote and expedite the transformation of these scientific research achievements.

Talent Resources

          As an important base for training of high-level talents in China, Tsinghua University currently has one Nobel Prize winner, one Turing Award winner, 45 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 33 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 150 staff members included in the “Changjiang Scholars Program”, 208 staff members awarded with the “National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars”, 113 staff members included in the “Recruitment Program of Global Experts”, and 151 staff members included in the “Recruitment Program of Global Young Experts”. Currently, it has more than 40,000 students and 3,000 faculty members. With its alumni network spreading around the world, it has nearly 200 alumni organizations covering major cities in China and more than 10 other countries (such as the United States and the United Kingdom), as well as a large group of alumni enterprises. In reliance on the network of innovative carriers established by TusHoldings around the world, TusCity Group has set up the “Tus-Tsinghua University Alumni Activity Center” in conjunction with different Tsinghua University alumni associations, so as to serve Tsinghua University alumni in different places.

Contact information

Address: Tsinghua Science Park, Beijing, Haidian District

Zip code: 100084

Telephone: +86-010-82150778