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TusPark (Shaanxi)
Project introduction

        TusPark (Shaanxi) is the first radiating park of TusPark in West China, and is an integral part of the science park network of TusPark. It is a science park built with special support from the government of Shaanxi Province and Tsinghua University, and is the only national incubator for high-tech enterprises in medical device industry in Shaanxi. As an organic extension of the social service function of Tsinghua University, TusPark (Shaanxi) is relying on the TusPark innovation service system of headquarters in Beijing, and is devoted to providing development space and excellent services for incubation of startup enterprises, R&D of high-tech enterprises, cultivation of innovative talents, and commercialization of research findings in West China. The site has successively won more than 30 honorary titles such as national high-tech enterprises incubator, window platform of national SME service system, national SME public service demonstration platform, and national small and micro enterprise startup and innovation demonstration base.

        TusPark (Shaanxi) was jointly invested and established in 1998 by TusHoldings, Xi’an Lansead Technology Investment Holding Co., Ltd. and Tsinghua University Alumni Association of Shaanxi. It takes the operation mode of company, and Shaanxi TusPark Development Co., Ltd. is responsible for development, operation and administration of this park. After nearly twenty years of development, TusPark (Shaanxi), taking the business structure integrating “park, community and university”, has successfully built several business segments such as TusPark Xi’an, TusCity Xixian New Area, and The QiDi Middle School Attached to NPU. It has preliminarily formed the business format of science city that is the most complete among all the branch parks of TusPark from diversified scientific and technological service products such as incubator, accelerator, high-end commercial center and ecological office base to comprehensive supporting facilities such as hotel, school, exhibition center, store and residence.

        The park has gathered more than 200 enterprises in such industries as medical equipment, biomedical technology and intermediary high-tech financial services. It has accumulatively commercialized more than 180 research findings, and received/applied for nearly 1,000 national patents. It has also undertaken 17 national scientific and technological projects and 46 provincial/municipal projects, and enterprises in this park have passed TUV, CE, FDA, CCC and other certifications in more than 30 batches. It has cultivated 1 listed company (listed on growth enterprise market of Stock A) and 16 high-tech enterprises, and has signed agreements with 40 intermediary service agencies engaged in scientific and technological finance, integration of enterprise, college and research institutes, administration consulting service, training, and so on. The enterprises in this park have accumulatively won scores of titles as national, provincial or municipal famous brands, and 18 enterprises here have received supports from innovation fund of the Ministry of Science and Technology. A scientific and technological industrial cluster centered by medical devices and electronic information has preliminary formed here.