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TusCity (Hefei)
  • 启迪科技城(合肥)效果图

Project introduction

   TusCity (Hefei) is located next to Nanyan Lake in the national economic development area of Hefei, with total area of 1,100mu or so, total building area of 1,600,000m2 or so, total investment of more than RMB 10 billion, and planned development cycle of 7 years. Construction of the first phase of this project, about 450,000m2, was started in 2015, and its main products will include incubator, separate headquarters office building, high-end office building, and commercial supporting facilities.

    TusCity (Hefei) is a science city that integrates R&D incubation, scientific and technological industries, scientific and technological finance, scientific and technological office, high-end political and commercial talent cultivation, Tsinghua culture park, supporting high-tech residence, and supporting commercial facilities. It consists of three characteristic functional areas, including a high-tech enterprise headquarters business area, Chinese high-tech residence model area, and waterside style commercial area. The industries involved include public security, information technology, energy and environmental protection, scientific and technological service, intellectual property, and others.

   This project enjoys preferential policies under the 1+3+5 industrial development supporting policy system of Hefei. On the premise of conformity to laws, regulations and policies of China, Anhui Province and Hefei. It provides more preferential supporting policies for enterprises, and special fund and policy supports for major scientific and technological projects.  

       With the support of Hefei and the leader guidance and policy supports of Hefei and the economic development area, Tus Anhui will rely on the platforms of TusHoldings, fully leverage and introduce comprehensive scientific and technological innovation resources such as incubation, research finding commercialization, scientific and technological finance, education and media, follow the concept of people orientation, linkage of park, campus and community, and integration of city and industry”. It will aim to be an important engine for the scientific and technological innovation and city development of Hefei.