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TusPark (Zhengzhou) Innovation Space
  • 启迪众创空间(郑州)

Project introduction

TusPark (Zhengzhou) Innovation Space, built relying on TusCity (Zhengzhou), is the first node of the innovation service network of TusHoldings, a globally leading scientific and technological service provider, in China’s central plains region. Based on the more than 20 years of development experience of TusHoldings, TusPark (Zhengzhou) Innovation Space stands on the development of scientific and technological innovation service, makes efforts to build an end-to-end cycle of entrepreneurship incubation, links the innovation service system of “incubation + investment + platform + network” of TusPark, and provides professional services for startup and growth high-tech enterprises. In addition, it builds functional carriers such as entrepreneurship college, angel investment and incubator, and helps startup enterprises address problems encountered during growth and find ways to realize rapid development.   

TusPark (Zhengzhou) Innovation Space is located on Floor 11, Tower A, Newton International Building, Jinshui Science and Education Park, Zhengzhou, with an area of 1,494m2. There are 18 startup enterprises and projects settled in this location, and the business scopes of these enterprises cover mobile Internet, software development, new energy, low carbon environmental protection, and health and medical care. There are work stations, team office, negotiation room, meeting room, multi-function road show hall, activity room, and so on, all provided with complete equipment and facilities to meet the needs of the settled enterprises. In addition to basic office services, the site also offers enterprises services related to procedures of industrial and commercial administrations and taxation administrations, human resource, intellectual property, law, policy, declaration, entrepreneurship training, and so on, so as to truly help the entrepreneurs reduce cost and risk. Using the “six step” incubation services provided by TusPark (Zhengzhou) Innovation Space, incubated enterprises can receive systematic entrepreneurship training, precise incubation and precise investment, so that they can grow to top-grade high-tech innovative enterprises, quickly enter the capital market, and gain wider space for development.

For external cooperation, TusPark (Zhengzhou) Innovation Space actively works with Tsinghua University Alumni Association of Henan, Henan Businessmen Cultural Industry Development and Exchange Center, and colleges in Zhengzhou to jointly build entrepreneurship incubation bases. It built the “Entrepreneurship Base for Alumni of Tsinghua University in Henan” together with Tsinghua University Alumni Association of Henan, enormously beneficial to the further gathering of the alumni of Tsinghua University, attraction of excellent talents to Henan, and development of Zhengzhou. It built “Tus Henan Businessmen Entrepreneurship Incubation Base” together with Henan Businessmen Cultural Industry Development and Exchange Center to serve entrepreneurship and secondary entrepreneurship of members of Henan Business Association. It also established Zhengzhou Branch of Angel’s Home together with Jingbei Finance, a famous investment institution in Beijing. It has introduced angel investment from Zhongguancun and established an exchange and training system for angel investors in Henan.   

       In 2016, TusPark (Zhengzhou) Innovation Space achieved two leaps: It was successively nominated to be the “municipal maker space of Zhengzhou” and “provincial maker space of Henan”. This will leverage advantages to promote the development of entrepreneurs in Henan.

Contact information

Contact information

Address: Floor 11, Tower A, Newton International Building, Jinshui Science and Education Park, Zhengzhou