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TusCity (Fuzhou)
  • 启迪科技城(福州)战略区位图

  • 启迪科技城(福州•南屿)

  • 启迪科技城(福州•仓山)

  • 启迪科技城(福州•海西)

  • 2014年1月,启迪控股与福州市签署战略合作协议,共建启迪科技城(福州)

  • 2015年9月, 启迪科技城(福州)在福州高新区奠基

Project introduction

        TusCity (Fuzhou) is developed, constructed, operated and managed by Fuzhou Tus Industry Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tus Fuzhou for short). As a platform company of TusHoldings set in Fujian and a project implementer of TusCity in Fuzhou, Tus Fuzhou was established in 2014.

    TusCity (Fuzhou) is a carrier for implementation of comprehensive cooperation between Tsinghua University, the Peoples governments of Fujian Province and Fuzhou, undertaking full chain scientific and technological service missions such as regional scientific and technological innovation, research finding commercialization, scientific and technological finance service, as well as entrepreneurship investment.

    In September 2015, a foundation was laid for TusCity (Fuzhou) in Fuzhou Hi-tech Zone. TusCity (Fuzhou) consists of Cangshan Park, Haixi Park and Nanyu Park, with a total planned coverage of more than 2,200mu, total planned investment of RMB 17 billion, and planned building area of 2,700,000m2. The first phase of this project is in preparatory stages.

    TusCity (Fuzhou) has pursued targeted planning for different parks based on local conditions. As Cangshan Park is close to a free trade zone, it will primarily develop education, finance and clean energy industries in future. As Nanyu Park is near a campus city, it will primarily develop digital industries and energy saving and environmental protection industries while introducing other projects such as indoor winter sports complex to build a characteristic industrial layout. Haixi Park will be built with special efforts to an industrial innovation base centered on new materials. It will become comprehensive emerging science city that gathers high-end industries and talents and that integrates innovation and entrepreneurship, business office, culture, sports and education.

Fuzhou is an important trade port in the coastal areas of Southeast China, a pivot for the strategy of the maritime silk road in the 21st century, and a strategic hub city for the national Belt and Road strategy. Tus Fuzhou will leverage its location advantages of Fuzhou, rely on the brand strengths of Tsinghua University and TusHoldings, use the successful operation experience of TusPark for reference, persist in science and technology and innovation driven development, quicken the building of the three-in-one industrial mode integrating science and technology parks, science and technology industry, and science and technology finance, and build a tailored innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. It will make efforts to become a scientific and technological service provider that has rich experience, high wisdom and comprehensive business ability, aiming to provide a wider stage for the innovation and entrepreneurship talents in Fuzhou and promote the rapid development of Fuzhou.

Contact information

Contact information

Address: Floor 3, Section B, Gaoxinyuan, Gaoxin Road, Haixi Park, Hi-tech Zone, Minhou County, Fuzhou, Fujian ProvinceTelephone: 0591-22860032-812 (Ms. Su)