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TusCity (Zhaoqing)
  • 启迪科技城(肇庆)实景

  • 启迪科技城(肇庆)效果图

  • 启迪科技城(肇庆)开工仪式

Project introduction

        On August 22, 2015, to meet national development requirements and expand its environmental protection industry layout in the Pearl River Delta, TusHoldings signed the Cooperation Agreement on TusCity (Zhaoqing) with the municipal government of Zhaoqing, aiming to build the first energy saving and environmental protection themed science city of TusHoldings using the innovative approach of “industry driven science city in Zhaoqing New Area. This project has been listed as a key supported project by the Strategic Cooperation Agreement on Promoting Demonstration of Environmental Protection Industry Development and the Cooperation Agreement on Joint Building of Pearl River Delta National Green Development Demonstration Area.

    TusCity (Zhaoqing) is located on Jingang Road, Dinghu District, Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province, with a total coverage of 500mu and a total planned building area of 500,000m2 or so. Taking the development concept of linkage of park, university and community, it tailors a green community with optimal combination of scientific and technological innovation industry and ecological residence, introduces resources such as environmental protection related research institute, headquarters office, innovation and entrepreneurship base, financial institution, and supporting living services, and works to become an internationally top-grade silicon valley of environmental science and technology.

     In November 2016, TusCity (Zhaoqing) successfully obtained the land use right for the project site. It is estimated that the first phase of this project will have a development area of more than 100,000m2, including R&D office areas primarily consisting of R&D building, scientific and technological finance building, and Little Giant headquarters, as well as comprehensive living and commercial supporting facilities.

        TusCity (Zhaoqing) has successfully introduced a number of leading environmental protection enterprises subordinate to TusHoldings such as Sound Environmental and Guangdong Yadu, and has linked many environmental protection related research institutes, headquarters offices, financial institutions, and scientific and technological service enterprises.

Contact information

Contact information

TusCity (Zhaoqing) Investment and Development Co., Ltd.

Address: TusCity, Jingang Road, Dinghu District, Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province

Telephone: 0758-2688913