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Chairman Wang Jiwu Attends the Unveiling Ceremony of Tus-Design Group

Release time:2017-03-27

  In the morning of March 25, Tus-Design Group held a grand unveiling ceremony. The unveiling ceremony was attended by Xu Huimin, Standing Member of Suzhou Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of Suzhou Industrial Park Party Working Committee, Wang Jiwu, Chairman of TusHoldings, Chen Zhen, Secretary General of China Engineering & Consulting Association (hereinafter referred to as “CECA”) Architectural Design Branch, Yang Xiaomin, Chief Planner of Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee and Deputy Secretary of Planning Construction Committee Party, and Dai Yaping, Chairman of Tus-Design Group. 

Tus-Design Group’s unveiling ceremony

  In the warm applause, Secretary Xu Huimin, Chairman Wang Jiwu, Secretary General Chen Zhen, Chief Planner Yang Xiaomin and Chairman Dai Yaping, Vice Presidents of TusHoldings - Zhao Dong, Hu Bo and An Hongping, Senior Vice President of TusHoldings & President of Tus-City Group - Chen Wenbin and Senior Vice President of TusHoldings & President/Chief Architect of Tus-Design Group - Zha Jinrong unveiled the nameplate of Tus-Design Group together, and witnessed another milestone moment in the development history of Tus-Design Group together with other guests. The unveiling ceremony was hosted by Vice President of Tus-Design Group - Jin Jianhua. 
The photo of unveiling guests

  On the unveiling ceremony, Chairman Wang Jiwu, Secretary General Chen Zhen, Chief Planner Yang Xiaomin and Chairman Dai Yaping made remarks respectively. 
Wang Jiwu, Chairman of TusHoldings

  Chairman Wang Jiwu extended his cordial welcome and heartfelt congratulations to Tus-Design Group joining in TusHoldings. He said, Tus-Design Group is a newcomer of TusHoldings and a most time-honored member as well. As a leading enterprise in China sci-tech service industry, relying on clustering innovation mode, TusHoldings has formed a cluster of five strategic emerging industries, including environmental protection, clean energy, big health, digital economy and new materials. It owns abundant technical reserve in the field of strategic emerging industries, and its industry scale also ranks no. 1 in China. 

  Chairman Wang Jiwu indicated that the unveiling of Tus-Design Group marks TusHoldings’ official involvement in the traditional architectural design industry, and as a field that gathers important industry innovation and creativity sources, architectural design industry owns a large number of excellent talents, value and capital. He said, TusHoldings’ innovation force will bring new changes to architectural design industry, and with the coordination of TusHoldings’ branches and subsidiaries, gathering innovation resources, it will certainly realize the development vision of Tus-Design Group and drive the entire architectural design industry to upgrade at the same time. Chairman Wang Jiwu also said that Suzhou is one of the cities richest in cultural heritages and owning the strongest open consciousness and sci-tech innovation spirit. TusHoldings has a special feeling with Suzhou, as TusHoldings’ first successful case of building science parks outside Beijing is in Suzhou. From now on, TusHoldings will gather the resources and powers in different aspects, start from Suzhou again, and make bigger and higher level contributions to the economic and social development of Yangtze River Delta. 
Chen Zhen, Secretary General of CECA Architectural Design Branch

  Secretary General Chen Zhen extended his congratulations to renaming Suzhou Design and Research Institute to Tus-Design Group. He said, with over ten years’ reform, innovation and development, Tus-Design Group has completed many excellent works in Suzhou, Jiangsu and even the whole country, and it has become a high-value national brand in the industry. With the renaming this time, Tus-Design Group not only stands on a new height and a new starting point, but also sets a good example for nationwide architectural design enterprises. 

  In recent years, with the reform and adjustment at supply side, construction industry is facing a huge downward pressure and market resources are moving to excellent enterprises gradually. He hoped that, under current situation, Tus-Design Group could seize the chance, kept a foothold in Suzhou, move towards the whole nation and even towards the world. He also wished all employees of Tus-Design Group could overcome the difficulties of economic downturn and keep in mind the original intention of “serving people's livelihood and being keen on creation” to receive a better and faster development. 
Yang Xiaomin, Chief Planner of Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee & Party Deputy Secretary of Planning Construction Committee

  Chief Planner Yang Xiaomin said, for over thirty years since the reform and opening-up, Suzhou has received remarkable achievements in economic and social progress as well as urban construction. Predecessor of Tus-Design Group is Suzhou Design and Research Institute founded in the 1950s. For over half a century, it grows together with Suzhou, and has created many architectural works that Suzhou citizens are familiar with. 

  From Suzhou Design and Research Institute to Tus-Design Group, it is a reform and also a development. Wish all employees of Tus-Design Group would uphold the codes of ethics and professional spirit, unswervingly insist the original intention of “making a better city”, and also wish Tus-Design Group could realize clustering development and integrated innovation on the platform of TusHoldings after renaming, so as to make greater contributions to the progress of Suzhou. 
Dai Yaping, Chairman of Tus-Design Group

  In her speech, Chairman Dai Yaping said joining in TusHoldings marks Tus-Design Group’s another step on a new stage, it’s a new start for a new journey, and Tus-Design Group will open a new chapter from now on! With the great support of TusHoldings platform and all executives and with the concerted efforts of all the employees as icing on the cake, Tus-Design Group will accelerate its development and march towards the aim of becoming a top design company in China. “Being surrounded and protected by three petals”, Tus-Design Group’s logo symbolizes a steady business cornerstone and bright future. 

  From now on, Tus-Design Group will keep the mission of “inheriting history and building future”, explore a road of inheritance, exploitation, innovation and development with the operation mode of modern enterprise, give full play to comprehensive advantages of Tus-Design Group like technologies, talents, culture and brand, devote to creating a refined, professional and group leading enterprise in construction and sci-tech service industry, and become a leader of integrated living environment technology centering on improving people’s living environment and quality, characterized by innovative technology integration in the field of constructional engineering, and providing all-round and integrated service. 
The photo of all guests

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