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TusHoldings Establishes Partnership with Far North District, New Zealand

Release time:2017-03-28

  On March 26, Li Keqiang, Premier of the State Council, PRC, arrived at Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, and started his three-day official visit. At the same time, Chen Xiang, Executive Vice President of TusHoldings and Chairman of Tus-City Group, led the delegation to arrive at Far North District, New Zealand, and both sides made deep communication over strategic cooperation and entered friendly partnership. 

The photo of TusHoldings business delegation and representatives of Far North District

  On the afternoon of March 27 local time, TusHoldings business delegation held talks and signed cooperative agreement with Mayor John Carter and Councillor John Vujcich of Far North District. Before the talk, John Carter met Chen Xiang and the delegation at their arrival, and held a welcome ceremony at the famous historical site - Waitangi in Far North District, New Zealand. 
Both sides’ leaders are giving speech

  Later, both sides held talks at Waitangi Museum, made further communication over the cooperation between TusHoldings and Far North District, and signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement between China’s TusHoldings and NZ’s Far North District (hereinafter referred to as the “Cooperation Agreement”). According to the contents of the Cooperation Agreement, both sides will expand cooperation in the fields of sci-tech innovation, cultural education, tourism, environmental protection, new energy, etc. 
Both sides are signing the Cooperation Agreement

  Chen Xiang expressed his heartfelt thanks to their warm reception, and said the Cooperation Agreement signed between TusHoldings and Far North District during Premier Li Keqiang’s visit to New Zealand had a profound historical significance. He introduced, as one of China’s key innovating forces, with over 20 years’ development and exploration, TusHoldings had established more than 160 innovation bases all over the globe and owns the world largest sci-tech innovation service eco-network. He believed this Cooperation Agreement would certainly bring a brand new future to Far North District. Besides, he wished both sides could establish global innovation alliance cooperation together. 

  John Carter said that signing of the Cooperation Agreement between TusHoldings and Far North District during Premier Li Keqiang’s visit to New Zealand showed both sides’ strong will in creating economic and cultural benefits to both China and New Zealand. He also expressed his thanks to TusHoldings for it actively sought and created cooperation opportunities and actively promoted Far North District’s development in the fields of sci-tech innovation, trade, tourism and infrastructure construction. He said, this Cooperation Agreement would bring brand new investment and development opportunities for the development of Far North District. 

  Kelvin Davis, former Minister of Ministry of Culture and Heritage & present Member of Parliament of New Zealand, and Kevin Robinson, CEO of Maori Tribe attended the conference and witnessed the agreement signing. 

Extended Reading 

  Located at the northernmost end of North Island, Far North District is one of the three districts in Northland Region of New Zealand. It is the only district that owns subtropical climate in New Zealand, owning rich historical culture and local customs and practices, abundant tourism resources and advanced agricultural technologies. Far North District not only has the historical site Waitangi, but also the beautiful Bay of Islands. Maoris take about 50% of the population and Maori culture is very rich and colorful here. 

  Waitangi Town is one of the most famous historical sites in New Zealand. In 1840, the British Crown and over 500 Maori chiefs signed the New Zealand founding document - Treaty of Waitangi here, when New Zealand became a member nation of the British Commonwealth and it marks the birth of this country, thus Waitangi is also known as historical origin and “birthplace” of New Zealand. Now, Waitangi is a famous tourist destination in New Zealand, and it is also a historical spot for tourists to know about local Maori culture and the events related to the Treaty. 

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