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A Visit of the Delegation Led by Board Chairman Wang Jiwu to the Global Headquarters of Honeywell Discussing New Cooperation Modes

Release time:2017-04-28

  On April 13, 2017, a delegation of TusHoldings led by Board Chairman Wang Jiwu visited the global headquarters of Honeywell located in Morristown, New Jersey, USA, and had a dialog with Darius Adamczyk, President and CEO of Honeywell, concerning cooperation between these two parties.

Board Chairman Wang Jiwu (left) and Darius Adamczyk

  Before this, TusHoldings and Honeywell had conducted preliminary cooperation and close exchange in China, and determined a regular exchange mechanism to identify and expand new development opportunities and cooperation space on a real-time basis. This visit was another deep exchange between top management of the two parties after Darius Adamczyk’s visit to TusHoldings, and was expected to open up a new cooperation situation. 
Site of the Discussion

  Wang Jiwu expressed in the discussion that the two parties had built deep friendship and good cooperation foundation after previous communication. He proposed that the two parties could bring into play the advantages of TusHoldings’ incubation network based on the Honeywell-TusStar Intelligent Manufacturing Accelerator built by the two parties before, jointly build up an international incubation brand, and expand the range and quantity of the incubation business; they could build a Sino-US innovation platform to convey mature technological service modes to China, America and even other countries in the world. Meanwhile, as large enterprises attaching equal importance to innovation, TusHoldings and Honeywell can establish large-scale industrial buyout funds to develop technology buyout business in the whole world. In addition, Wang Jiwu creatively proposed that the two parties could use new commercial modes to promote development and market application of technologies by integrating resources in many fields, and build smart cities and digital industrial cities in existing markets, especially markets along the “Belt and Road”.

  Darius Adamczyk showed his great interest in the cooperation fields proposed by Wang Jiwu, and specified special link-up person during the discussion. He expressed admiration for the achievements of TusHoldings in incubation and investment, and expressed that he would go to China again this year for additional exchange and wished to meet with top management of TusHoldings again by then to promote material cooperation between the two parties. In his opinion, a concrete and novel cooperation mode was brought forward in this exchange, and, by virtue of the increasingly deepened Sino-US cooperation and the existing mutual visiting mechanism, the future cooperation between the two parties would be amazing. 
Participants in the Discussion

  Que Dallara, Vice President and Chief Strategic Marketing Officer of Honeywell, Krishna Mikkilineni, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Honeywell, and Anne Madden, Vice President of Business Development and Global Merger & Acquisition Supervisor of Honeywell, also participated in this discussion. 

  Yang Ming, Board Chairman Assistant of TusHoldings and COO of Tus International, Li Lei, Co-chairman of Tus America, and Zhang Jiabing, President of Tus America, visited Honeywell as members of TusHoldings’ delegation.

Background Information

  Honeywell ( is an American Wealth Top 100 enterprise in Internet industry, providing professional industrial solutions for global customers, including aviation and automobile products and services, building, residence and industrial control technologies, and special materials. From airplane, automobile, residence, building, manufacturing factory, supply chain to workers, our technologies focus on Internet of Things, and aim to create a more intelligent, safer and more sustainable world. Development history of Honeywell in China started from 1935, when Honeywell set the first distribution agency in Shanghai. At present, all the four business groups of Honeywell have settled in China, and the Asia-Pacific headquarters of business divisions subordinate to it have been moved to China. In addition, it has established many branches and joint ventures in more than 20 cities in China. 

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