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Industry Research

         With the development of China’s economy, new urbanization has become the basic driving force for China’s regional coordinated development, and it will be also an important fulcrum of China’s economic development in the future. TusCity Group focuses on building an industry-city integrated systematic service system, and shoulders the important task of construction of the physical carrier of the global innovation space network. In view of China’s current development characteristics, only professional, market-oriented operators and developers capable of efficient integration of resources can play a vital role in enhancing China’s urban construction level and in the process of industrial transformation and upgrading. To this end, TusCity Group attaches great importance to the research work on park operations, technology services and strategic emerging industries, and this is also an important guarantee for TusCity Group to keep ahead in this field, one of the driving sources for the Group’s continuous innovation, as well as an important channel for the Group’s intellectual output to the society.

Tus Industry Research Institute

        As an organization of TusCity Group, Tus Industry Research Institute is responsible for industry research, project planning and other work. Relying on and serving various business sections and project companies of TusCity Group, it has two major departments: the industry research department and the planning & design department, mainly undertaking the Group’s product innovation and research and development, industry planning and research, space planning and design and other related work. While serving the Group, Tus Industry Research Institute also provides consulting, research, planning, design and other related services for all levels of government and the park industry. Tus Industry Research Institute is not only one of TusCity’s core competitiveness sources, but also an important support department for the Group to maintain a leading edge in the industry.

1. Internal business within the Group:

        Enhance brand value and industry impact. Tus Industry Research Institute liaises with and integrates professional organizations to attract and gather experts and talents, convenes and participates in industry events, and plans and organizes various themed activities. While providing research support for the internal enterprises of TusCity Group, it embodies the Group’s leading edge and authority in the field of science and technology park in China through external business exchanges and release of achievements.

Participate in preliminary work of the projects, provide theoretical research basis for the relevant work on project initiation, and fully participate in project research and preliminary determination work. After internal project initiation, carry out project positioning, industrial planning, space planning and design and other work. Closely cling to national development strategy, follow the industry direction, make research on and develop parks, new cities, small towns with characteristics and other products for the Group in combination with TusHoldings’ resources, construct industrial development paths for the Group comprehensively, refine the product formats, propose recommendations for design, investment promotion and other schemes, and advance the projects in an orderly manner.

       Analyze and interpret national and regional policies, focus on and collect industry information and trends, participate in relevant research work of TusCity Group, and provide strategic recommendations and programs for the development of the Group. Emphasize key industries within the layout range of TusHoldings, carry out in-depth research on industry development trends, regional distribution, industry leaders, industry stars, advanced technology, business and profit models and other aspects, find opportunities for cooperation, and carry out intelligence output work properly. Its scope of research covers environmental protection, new energy, new materials, smart city, AI, enlarged health, intelligent manufacturing and other high-end areas.

2. External business:

        Tus Industry Research Institute, as a professional think tank, mainly carries out research involving the regional economy, industrial parks, strategic emerging industries and other aspects. Tus Industry Research Institute highlights its two major advantages, one advantage is that the consulting business is organically combined with the development and operation business; the other advantage is that a wealth of practical experience can ensure the diversity and feasibility of the schemes, and the external clients are mainly the government at all levels, park developers and enterprises that need such services.

        The service content includes the planning of industrial parks, and provision of feasibility studies, strategic planning, industrial planning, project planning, investment promotion planning, marketing planning, spatial planning and other service for new industrial cities and new industrial areas. In particular, in the park service field, it can provide the park environment analysis, overall positioning of park, park industry selection, park function layout, park supporting construction, park development pattern, park development timing, park investment promotion strategy, intelligent park design, policy design and other services.

        Tus Industry Research Institute also provides the services related to regional industry development research. Regional industry development research is the core content of the local economic development strategy, as well as the “path map” of the government departments at all levels for development of relevant industries. Through regional industry research and analysis, Tus Industry Research Institute identifies industrial support system of the local economic development, and determines the direction and framework for the investment promotion work. The industrial development research will be carried out around the main line of “Industrial analysis → industrial positioning → industrial planning → industrial implementation”, so as to define the regional development path, speed up urban development process, and enhance the regional economic competitiveness.

In the field of macroeconomic research, Tus Industry Research Institute can provide the services related to regional development strategy research. On the basis of comprehensive research on the urban/regional policy, economy, industrial structure, population, transportation and other areas, it can make a plan of great significance that determines the overall situation for the development of the region. According to the existing development conditions of the region, it can develop strategic thinking, strategic objectives, strategic priorities, strategic steps and strategic countermeasures, primarily including:

        A. Overall economic development strategy: Generally, planning focus is placed on development guidelines, long-term objective and stage objectives, industrial structure, leading industry, population control objective, proportion of each industry and development direction.

        B. Economic sector development strategy: Clearly define the development direction, long-term objective, key construction projects and implementation policies of each sector.

        C. Regional space development strategy: Match economic activities with the space, and establish a reasonable spatial structure. Its key contents include the following: Determine the development mode, make clear the key development areas, define the regional land use structures, regional development strategies and proposals for measures, and determine the regional recent key construction projects, and so on.