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Planning Design

       After years of development and practice, TusCity Group has accumulated a wealth of experience in the planning and design of innovative space. Adhering to the concept of “industry-city-people” integration and symbiosis and creation of a cluster innovation pattern, TusCity Group carries out the construction of the innovative space planning and layout system, functional system construction, building space organization, road traffic system design, landscape greening system design, park intelligent system construction and so on.

        In combination with the technological personnel’s basic needs on vitality and ecosystem, TusCity Group fully emphasizes people orientation in the planning and design of its innovative space product line, pays attention to the industry and the organic combination of city and people, and attaches importance to the exchange and interaction between people and the environment and between the individuals. Through the creation of high-quality ecological environment, the company aims to stimulate the users’ creative inspiration, create a multi-level humanistic public communication space, build an atmosphere of complementation and interaction between the internal building space and the external places, promote the communication and interaction between the users, and stimulate the experience fun of the technological workers. In order to better serve the innovative space in terms of planning and design, it focuses on the integration of high-quality technological assets, promotes the innovative technology service model, extends the technological innovation service chain, creates full-chain technological service providers, and boosts industry upgrading and transformation to meet the demand for economic development.

Tus-Design Group Co., Ltd.

        The predecessor of Tus-Design Group Co., Ltd.(Tus-Design) is Suzhou Architectural Design and Research Institute, which was founded in 1953, renamed Suzhou Design and Research Institute in 2012, listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in February 2016 (stock code: 300500), and renamed Tus-Design Group in 2017.

        Adhering to the mission of “Respecting history, building the future”, Tus-Design has continuously combined the excellent traditional Chinese culture, especially Suzhou traditional culture with the modern civilization for inheritance, innovation, transformation and upgrading. Based in Suzhou, it continues to expand across China. At present, it has a number of subsidiaries and related institutions, including Shenzhen BLVD, Beijing BLVD and Zhongzheng Testing, and will build a national design service network which takes Suzhou as the center and covers East China, North China, South China, Southwest China, Central China and other regions, so as to expand its service radius and better meet the company’s business development requirements. The company leverages comprehensive advantages in technology, talent, culture, brand and other aspects, sticks to integrated innovation and cluster development, carries forward the “spirit of the craftsman”, and works with one mind, committed to building itself into a refined, specialized and group construction technology service leader.

       The company has brought together more than 900 outstanding personnel, of whom there are 2 recipients of the special government allowance from the State Council, 1 outstanding entrepreneur in the national survey and design industry, 2 young and middle-aged experts with provincial outstanding contributions, 11 personnel from “333 Program” of Jiangsu Province, 9 experts in engineering and construction standards of Jiangsu Province, 3 experts in seismic review of Jiangsu Province, more than 50 professor-level senior architects and professor-level senior engineers, more than 120 senior architects and senior engineers, and more than 120 national registered architects and engineers.

        Over the past decade, the company has obtained a number of national gold awards and more than 500 awards at the provincial and ministerial level or above, and its projects have won wide recognition from the society. In 2011, it became the first national high-tech enterprise in the architectural design industry in Jiangsu Province. In the same year, the provincial level engineering technology research center – Jiangsu Province (Saide) Green Engineering Technology Research Center settled in my company. In 2012, it was selected as one of One Hundred Famous Contemporary Chinese Architectural Design Institutes, and in 2011, 2015 and 2016, it was appraised as one of Top Ten Private Engineering Design Enterprises in China.

        In terms of technological innovation, the company has always maintained a leading competitive advantage, actively hosted and participated in the development work of industry standards and technical standards, established cooperative relations with Tsinghua University, Southeast University, Tongji University and other key universities, and become a provincial post-doctoral innovation practice base. The company has set up the Construction Industrialization Research Center, BIM Design and Research Center and many other special technology centers, carried out scientific research in many directions, and completed dozens of important topics. As of the end of 2016, the company had received 11 invention patents, 79 utility model patents, and 5 software copyrights.

         Up to now, Tus-Design has Class A qualifications in construction engineering, urban and rural planning, civil air defense engineering, landscape garden and building intelligent system engineering design. Taking the improvement of the living environment quality as the core, and integration of innovative technologies in the construction engineering field as the characteristic, it has become a living environment technology integration leader providing comprehensive, integrated services.

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