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Venture Capital

       Adhering to the investment strategy and investment concept of “Driving by innovation, leading by technology, global vision and collaborative development”, TusCity Group keeps in line with the application and development trends of emerging industries, fully cooperates with Tsinghua University and other universities, research institutes, government and various industrial investment institutions, and supports innovation and entrepreneurship. Its investment business covers the high-growth enterprises which are in the early development stage and the growth stage or have mature industry applications, and it focuses on in-depth technological innovation and applications in key areas, brings together innovative elements and domestic and foreign resources, and provides guidance for the formation of industrial clusters, so as to achieve comprehensive integration and development of innovation chain, industrial chain and capital chain.

Tus-VC Management Co., Ltd.

       In reliance on the platform of TusHoldings and the innovative ecological system with comprehensive resources, Tus-VC Management Co., Ltd. adopts the “Park + Fund” model for investment deployment.

Tus-VC focuses on in-depth technological innovation and applications in cross-border areas, looks at the future social life scenarios, and pays attention to venture capital in high-growth areas and investment in the industrial cluster innovation area. It fully supports the national strategy of development of creation, innovation and entrepreneurship, leverages collaborative innovation advantage of the industry of Tsinghua University and the parks of TusHoldings, and provides in-depth services from incubation, acceleration to large-scale industrial resources for enterprise development. It fully coordinates the resources from domestic and foreign Tsinghua University investment circles, and serves the investment strategy of the industry of Tsinghua University, so as to create economic and social value.



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