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Development and Construction

        TusCity Group takes the investment, development and operation of incubators, science and technology parks, science and technology cities, science and technology towns and other innovative space carriers as its primary business. Under the new situation of construction of an innovative country and promotion of development of new urbanization, TusCity Group takes the satisfaction of the basic needs of the technology enterprises and users as the premise, the “community, university and park” linkage as the development concept, the “Government support, leading by TusHoldings, market-oriented operation” as the development orientation, integrates the local context with the culture of Tsinghua University, and combines various elements of innovative resources, aiming to build a new technology city that is led by technological research and integrates office, residence, business, leisure, education, public services and ecological civilization into one; meanwhile, it is committed to grow into a Chinese leader and a global model for investment in and development and operation of innovative space.

Independent investment and development

According to its own strategic development and industrial development needs, and in reliance on the strong financing ability and park development ability and experience of itself and its parent company – TusHoldings, TusCity Group carries out independent investment and development for some science and technology parks, science and technology cities and other projects.

Development in cooperation with government or enterprises

It has become a main development and construction model of TusCity Group to develop science and technology parks, science and technology cities, science and technology towns and other innovative space carriers in cooperation with governments or successful local enterprises. In general, a local Tus company will be jointly established by TusCity Group and its partners (government or other local partners) to take charge of development and construction of the projects. TusCity Group controls the company and takes the lead in development and construction of the projects.

Construction in PPP mode

TusCity Group can undertake some infrastructure construction projects, public facilities construction projects, large-scale industrial application projects, especially the PPP projects related to the science and technology parks and science and technology industry, so as to participate in local construction and local development, and promote regional development.

Upgrading and renovation of existing properties

TusCity Group focuses on the revitalization of the urban existing idle properties, upgrading and renovation of the existing low-level industrial properties, optimization and renovation of existing properties, and so on, and enhances the value of the cities through technology services and innovation driving.