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Innovation Service

        As a comprehensive service platform that integrates resources from the government, enterprises, intermediaries and other parties, TusCity Group provides comprehensive and targeted innovative value-added services for all types of enterprises settled in the park according to the needs of the enterprises. Through setting up five sub-platforms, it provides technological innovation value-added services in the park.

       Industry-university-research institute platform: As the core of the innovation service system in the park, it relies on extensive technological research achievements and resources of Tsinghua University and the public technology platform, and combines the technology resources of the local universities and scientific research institutes. Taking enterprises as the subject, the park as the platform and the market as the orientation, it has established an industry-university-research institute connection mechanism. Through provision of professional and technical services, expert consulting and assessment services, reporting process services, hardware, laboratory equipment and platform sharing services for the high-tech enterprises in the park, it promotes rapid transfer of technological factors, deepens the degree of industrialization of advanced technologies and scientific research achievements, and enhances core technical strengths of the enterprises in the park.

        Training service platform: In reliance on the resources of Tsinghua University and TusHoldings, it provides internal training and professional and technical training for the enterprises. Based on customer demand, it can provide customized training for the enterprises in terms of development of training programs, setting of training courses, arrangement of trainers, selection of training methods and so on.

        Information sharing and communication platform: It is committed to providing market research and recommendation, exhibition, trade negotiation, product promotion, domestic and foreign economic and technological exchanges and cooperation and other services, collecting and giving feedback on policies and industry information for enterprises quickly and accurately, and building a bridge between enterprises and the media.

        Human resources platform: It provides standardized, professional, thoughtful one-stop human resources service for the enterprises in the park, including basic services, such as payroll service, personnel service and welfare service, as well as medium- & high-end services, such as corporate training and talent assessment.

        Investment and financing service platform: Through loan guarantees, project promotion, financing counseling, venture capital and other forms, it actively brings together resources, establishes venture capital funds, supports the development of entrepreneurial and innovative enterprises, and provides comprehensive solutions for corporate financing.